About Us

Our Old Church


Old Pathway Baptist Church was organized October 1, 2000. The church was planted in the Jonathan Creek community of Haywood County, North Carolina. From the 80’s until today, the population of Jonathan Creek has exploded. The attendance in the churches had not. Pastor McDaris served until November 2004 when a young pastor, Chad Ellege, took the church over with only 12 in attendance.

The next few years were sometimes a struggle, but through faithfulness to the Word, preaching, and soulwinning the church began to grow. Today over 75 people regularly gather together on Beantown Road to worship the risen Christ. People are being saved, christians are growing, and the outreach of the church into the community is increasing.

Pastor Ellege resigned in the fall of 2012 as the Lord led him on. We are looking forward to seeing how the Lord will continue to work in the Jonathan Creek community.

Philosophy of Ministry

Our Church
Old Pathway Baptist Church is committed to:

  • The Gospel
  • Bible preaching—that’s how people are saved and built
  • Independent Baptist distinctives

Our doctrinal statement is available here and is representative of our church and all those associated with our ministry.